15” TFT LCD touch screen displays the ventilation parameters, alarm information and waveforms.

Air compressor runs stably with low noise, creates quiet environment for doctors and patients.

Integration breathing circuit design.

Multiple working modes such as volume control and pressure limit.

Multiple parameters monitoring interface to show clear parameter to the operator, allow operator know the patient conditions in all aspects.

Real time pressure-time, flow-time loop graphics, pressure volume loop graphics and high precision ETCO2, O2 concentration detection function included.

Electrical PEEP control

Breathing valve is disassembly and can be disinfected.


l Three levels alarm system, visual and sound alarm information.

l With multiple type of alarms, reminding and protection functions.

l Self-check before running, eliminate system mulfuction.

l Advanced power management control technology.

l With built-in backup power supply, when normal power supply shut down, back-up power supply will start work automatically.

l Separate design of electric and gas, keep safety running of ventilator.

Medical Ventilator

وحدة SKU: Series : NIRVANA 8008
$16٬000٫00 سعر عادي
$15٬200٫00سعر البيع

    The ventilator is suitable for various kinds of medical institutions for cardiopulmonary resuscitation respiratory support. Acute respiratory failure caused by various reasons or incomplete oxygenation dysfunction. Indra-operation, post-operation respiratory support, other respiratory treatment.


  • Specifications

    Ventilation modes:


    Ventilator parameter ranges


    Tidal volume(Vt)

    ~ 2000mL

    Frequency (Freq)

    Oxygen concentration

    1bpm ~ 100 bpm





    0cmH2O ~ 40 cmH2O

    Pressure Limit

    20 cmH2O ~ 100 cmH2O

    Monitored Parameters


    Frequency (Freq)

    0 /min ~ 100 /min

    Tidal volume(Vt)

    0 mL ~ 2500 mL


    Airway pressure

    Dynamic lung compliance testing

    ETCO2 Concentration

    0 L/min ~ 99 L/min

    0 cmH2O ~ 100 cmH2O

    1mL/cmH2O ~ 1000mL/cmH2O

    0mmHg ~ 152mmHg (0%-20%)

    Oxygen concentration

    15 % ~ 100 %


    Oscillographs display:


    P-T(pressure – time)


    F-T(flow – time)


    P-V loop (pressure – volume loop)


    V-T(volume – time )


    ETCO2-T (End-tidal CO2 - time)




    Alarms and protection


    The AC power failure alarm

    Power failure or no connection

    Internal battery backup low voltage alarm


    No tidal volume

    No tidal volume within 6s

    High Minute Volume alarm

    Low Minute Volume alarm



    High Airway pressure alarm</